Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Magic of Getting Mail...

I just LOVE getting cool stuff in the mail, don't you?

Well, it was a great day for mail today.

Three interesting things arrived.

I got a prize I won from The Kerrs....

beautifully wrapped!

I had forgotten that I won this so I was wondering what I had until I opened the package:

Thank You Jenny & Travis!

And for some reason, this came to me too:

I'll be digging thru the pages to see if there are any interesting images I can use for crafting and I'll probably recycle the rest (or maybe use some words from the pages).

I looked thru the items inside and they are better than average for this kind of thing!

And I did a survey a little while back and the reward came today too...

I was actually kind of expecting this one and I knew right away what it was about upon seeing the return address:

Do you have any prize winning tips on winning prizes and giveaways? What have you won lately? Are you using giveaways on your blog for anything?

Pam Hoffman

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