Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Winner!

Thank you all SO MUCH for visiting my blog for this One World, One Heart event!

You are ALL winners - you met some great new blogger buddies and you got a lot of eye candy with all the prizes and all the things everyone creates and posts to their blogs and maybe even a little inspiration! I know I did.

And the blogs are still there to go and see. I'll be visiting even more as I did not get through the entire list in time - found out about it a bit late I suppose...

As for the giveaway on MY blog, I printed out all the eligible entries, cut them to size (as uniformly as possible!) and had my boyfriend pick out a winner!

drumroll please..

And the WINNER IS...


I'll send Grace an email message letting her know that she is the winner of the greeting cards (and a few other things i picked up over the weekend!).

Thank you all for participating in my blog giveaway for OWOH!

Pam Hoffman

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