Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Crop of the Year!

NOTE: been sick in bed a bit the past few days, catching up for you here now...

One of my favorite crop events happens once a month in Orange, California. I know I mentioned The Crop in Orange before, it just so happens that yesterday was the first one of the new year and the first crop I've attended in 2010, and it was grand!

The crop was very well attended so we had a lot of good potluck food, plenty of items 'For Sale' that people brought (including me!) where I actually found a great set of acrylic stamps, all set for Valentine's Day!

Looking from the stage into the room [far left]

Looking from the stage into the room [mid left]

Looking from the stage into the room [mid right]

Looking from the stage into the room [far right]

For Sale Items [on the stage!]

I have Valentine's Day on my mind now - it's one of my FAVORITE holidays (that and Christmas) since my birthday is the day after V.Day!

Quilling craze since the Christmas ornaments (oh, i never showed you! i'll have to fix that..)

I LOVE Valentine's Day!

I even got a couple of things on my list done!

A thank you from scraps given to me (three people were saving them up for me!)

Speaking of the scraps from others...

Valorie, Jennifer & Erica brought scraps they've been saving for me. These 2 big boxes were just about full of scraps!

Some of them, getting sorted (w/help from my boyfriend)

11 more to go this year! Yay.

Do you have a favorite crop you like to go to? Are the people really great there too? Do share, you never know who will be inspired to come and you'll make a new friend!

Pam Hoffman

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