Monday, January 18, 2010

Scrapbook Expo!

I realize that things have been kind of quiet around here lately...

I was kind of sick a few days THEN I spent a goodly amount of my time getting ready for the Scrapbook Expo in Costa Mesa, CA and helping out Scrapbook Royalty with their CHA work - the Worlds Largest Crop Attempt and being personal assistant to Elena during the trade show portion.

SO, I'll report on the Scrapbook Expo a little bit here (more good stuff coming as i tried something new i want to share with you!) and I'll work to keep on bringing fun blog posts to you!

OK, this is the second time I went to the Scrapbook Expo and I intentionally went to enjoy the experience with no particular order to what I looked at or did and I actually did some shopping! One of the very best reasons to GO to the SE is to find good deals; and I did.

I stopped at Craft Fantastic and made this beautiful piece:

I'll post more about this later too.

I stopped by the Storytellers booth (i'm a member!) where they had a giveaway at specific times. Because I'm a member, they offered me a second set of the "Double Page Kit." So fun!

Happy Scrapper!

I saw some new things that I'll get into a bit more later too. One thing that was just fascinating was a Ribbon Organizer & Dispenser which Lou took a lot of time showing me how it works (video to come!):

Well, I could sure go on, and I was only there on Sunday. I want to get this out and I'll be relating more of what I experienced in a future post.

Did you go to the Scrapbook Expo in Costa Mesa, CA? Somewhere else? Do you know that they appear all over the country now? Have I excited you enough to check it out for yourself now? :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Pam Hoffman

*Disclaimer: As a member of "Storytellers" I will receive a material gain if you follow the link from here to there, sign up and make a purchase.

As for anything else I have reported here today, I have no formal relationship with them at this time other than making new friends!

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