Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4th Picnic

I realize that it is quite cold in some areas of the country (i used to live there!) yet here, in Southern California, we're having some GREAT weather. Not too hot, not too cold.

So we went on a picnic!

Very close to us is the Laguna Niguel Botanical Garden. It's one of our favorite places to get out for a picnic or a walk. The stuff planted there is just amazing.

While our visit today was much shorter than usual, we did enjoy a section we don't often get to.

We took in parts of the Girl Scout Tree Grove

Isn't this bird house adorable?

I thought this was just so picturesque, Jeff took the actual photo!

Seems like something is always in bloom around here...

Where do YOU like to get away from your life for awhile?  Have a special picnic spot?  What's the weather like by you?  Maybe this isn't even an option!

Pam Hoffman

How DO those seed pods work?

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