Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Got a Minute? Give Us a Hand!

I want to tell you about a couple of online friends.

First is Juliann. She has many health issues and she makes a very good point on her blog...

"Chronically ill adults are overlooked by most “help the disabled” programs. There’s no Make a Wish program for fibromyalgia, no flowers and teddy bears for arthritis. I think it’s time that that changed, don’t you?"

I think so!

She goes on...
Here’s what I pledge: Any craft items donated to The Sick Chick Crafting for Causes will all go toward making treats for the chronically ill, their carers and medical professionals who deserve our thanks. I’ll make stuff out of raw materials or pass them on to other crafty folk whose budgets have been hit by disability and who would love to be able to craft. Any other items donated will also be sent to chronically ill & support people. If there’s anything that can’t possibly be used this way it will be donated to other crafting for causes groups.

Juliann made a specific request recently: "Can You Give Me a Hand?" If you would please visit and read her post, then send her the crafted 'hand' I think that would be marvelous!

The other online friend is having an anniversary and a Giveaway! Please Meet Erika Taylor over at Taylord Concepts.

Isn't it wonderful to have all sorts of people from all over in your network now?

Who do YOU like to connect with virtually? Do you know them in person too or just online? Do you LIKE meeting people this way?

Pam Hoffman

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