Thursday, December 31, 2009

Katie Says: "It's Roundup Time!"

I just love this idea. Last year, I started a Project 365 project and I wanted to have a daily 6x6 layout to capture Orbit #48.

Things haven't completely worked out for THAT project! Fact is, I'm not much of a scrapbooker. I like doing things in 3D mostly - sculpture would be a huge love of mine if I could figure out a way to deal with all the creative works I produced...

Maybe I can get a one or a two page layout made to commemorate the whole month and I'm thinking this strategy would work very nicely...

Let's start with my source ;)

I'm big on knowing where something comes from so I add that in as often as I am able. I do a LOT of work, research, etc. online. I happened across this not too long ago (don't remember how, could have been a twitter post or something like that):

Katie the Scrapbook Lady's 'It's Round Up Time'

I see that Katie has a 'year end' version of this process too. How wonderful!

Well, I spent a little time the other day (so i need to finish) digging through my notes, calendar, etc. filling in the blanks of her 'survey' so I'll have a record of December 2009. Here are some of the things that happened for me...

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Currently reading: War of Honor, Homemade Money, Selling the Dream and a book with my boyfriend, Jeff.

Finished:  Making a Living Without a Job

I got my last ‘Scrapbooks, Etc.’ magazine and a way to subscribe again for 2 years at ~$20

What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?

Got some great Christmas shows in – Prep & Landing (new, a favorite now), Shrek the Halls, Peanuts (not as fun as I remember)

Saw the usual, as available during the holiday season – CSI, Dexter, Sanctuary, Dollhouse

Watched miniseries “Alice” – very cool

Saw many videos on “Watch it Shred” – very wild stuff…

A friend brought a tape of the latest “Dr. Who” called “Waters of Mars"

No plays

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?

Jeff and I started reading to each other

What gifts did I give and/or receive?

Celebrated Christmas this month – a few gifts between Jeff and I, mom bought livestock for families in need overseas and a small celebration at Joan’s

Made ornaments with glitter inside & gave to my scrapbooking group at the 'Cookie Exchange Crop'

We created disks for Sandy & Joan of almost all the pictures taken of Jake, Jeff & his family for the last 3 years

Got money

Got LOTS of cards!!! They are so beautiful

Sent some swaps of cards, etc.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

Can’t think of anything at this point…

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

Feeling more pain during the night from my hip

What were my accomplishments this month?

Created the ornaments with glitter inside

Finished working through the exercises from “Making a Living Without a Job” and I probably retyped 1/2 to 1/3 of the book! I really want to get the revised edition

I won a lot of great stuff! Earrings, a book (yet to arrive!) a bracelet, two pair of socks ($12 each! also coming still) and more chances to win other things – great odds!

What were my disappointments this month?

I wanted to bring in more money thru my business endeavors (I did earn some!)

Anything else noteworthy to include? 

My dear friend Rick Wills (who i haven't seen in ages!) was in town and we had a very nice visit! 12/6

Rick Wills

Got some design ideas figured out for & sent them to Richard!

Jeff started braiding my hair for me (he does a great job too!)

We got some rain this month!

Enjoyed Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas early in the month

Learned more Russian

Many flowers & potted flowers came into my life

Dover Downloads – free samples from the Dover Publications site

It's been an amazing month and I want to publicly thank Katie for this Round Up exercise.  If I do layouts, I have a great summary to work from.  If I don't, I still have a pretty good record here for myself.

Thanks Katie!

How do YOU keep track of it all? Do you have your photos organized somehow? Do you create layouts or just various crafty things (like i do!)?

Pam Hoffman

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We're a LITTLE Nuts About...

When it comes to decorating for the Holidays, my boyfriend and I go a LITTLE nuts around here...

Let me explain.

I have read that the average Christmas tree in your home is decorated with 75 ornaments.


We have something like 2x or MORE than that JUST ON THE TREE!

And then we start decorating other stuff.

...we decorate the lampshades... and the speakers... and the slats on the cupboard doors, and the hinges on all the doors in the public areas and the light in the hall has one hanging from it... and there's a big snowflake hanging off the blinds over the one window... almost forgot, there are ornaments covering the top of the big blinds over the french doors and we put garland and an ornament over the big framed art behind the couch... OH, and I found a NEW place for an ornament this year! - I wedged the hanger thingy between two books on the bookshelf bolted to the wall and dangled the ornament past the bottom of the shelf...

Hhmm.. did I forget anything? Probably...

OH, I know...and some of the 'usual' places (like on top of the TV, found a picture).

Like I said, it's a little nuts around here with Holiday decorations!

We have collected so many things over the years and I love to GIVE ornaments too.

Why am I telling you this? Well Gen over at 'Quadville' wanted to know (and there is a GIVEAWAY involved) which inspired me to type this all up... I KNEW I'd figure out what to do with all those pictures I snapped this year! ;)

Are you a conservative decorator, do you go a little (or a lot) nuts like we do or are you the person who puts up the 'Ditto' sign & points to the neighbor with the crazy decorations? You can tell me... LOL

Pam Hoffman

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Pat Hoffman

Born the same year John Lennon was!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade Gift Giving

I rather LOVE giving handmade items to family and friends. They don't always love them back so I need to figure out who likes what and what to avoid for some of them.

I'm making something for my boyfriend, (who ALWAYS loves the stuff i make!) he already knows about it and said he'd help me finish it! Isn't he 'da bomb'?

Here are a couple of photos of my progress to date...

I've seen some really great, creative, handmade things online lately too! I really should capture them project!

Here is the inspiration for my gift (and hopefully mine will look somewhat similar ;).

[if i figure out where it came from, i'll give the appropriate credit!]

What do you like to create for gifts? Who do you like giving them to? Are they well-received?

Pam Hoffman

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dover Downloads

Do you know that Dover Publications offers free samples?

I've been getting some WONDERFUL images from them for about the last year or so.

It's pretty simple, just visit their 'Free Samples' site and register for the emails by adding your good email address in the box.

That's it!

Then every Friday you'll get an email from Dover Publications and you can click on the link to visit their free samples page and pick what you would like from the selection.

I've seen games, puzzles and mazes, stickers, 'stained glass' and fun stuff on their site. There's samples of stories and wonderful drawings and etchings from all sorts of sources.

The deals are quite good on the books there too.

Why not hop over and get started on your own collection of great Dover Publication samples? What do you like the best from their choices? Have you bought Dover books in the past? What do you look for from them?

I'm excited to learn what you like in their choices.

I've had a lot of ideas how to use them too! From using them in ATCs to putting all the architecture ones together for a sort of mini book for my boyfriend! (he loves architecture!).

What would YOU do with these great images?

Pam Hoffman

[not a picture of me, i just really like this image!]

FTC Disclaimer:
*I have no affiliation with and have received no compensation for this recommendation.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OMG! A Chance to Win a Computer!

Have you seen?

It's all over...

HP & BlogHer are giving away computers.

Start on Kelly's Review site...

Then check out Stephanie's Totally Together Reviews...

MckGiveaway has a funny story about her new machine.

Oh, BooMama got one too!

Only a couple more days to go!

AND REMEMBER! Follow the directions. While these are high comment sites - the odds are STILL better than the lottery!

I'll let you know what happens,

Pam Hoffman

Monday, December 21, 2009

Crops: Recap on the Last Two...

I've been to two different crops of late and I kind of missed telling you about the one in Orange so I'll catch up on both of them right now!

First, The Crop in Orange on December 5th, 2009 was WONDERFUL!

There was...

*Catered dinner
*Fun prizes
*Holiday Spirit Galore!

Here are a couple of pictures from the crop...

Our crop organizer Laurie!

My friend Diana was able to be there this time!

Overall room with the swap table in the forefront

Then the Cookie Exchange Crop yesterday was quite marvelous too!

The Cookies!

Five of us participated which meant that all of us could be at the same table crafting.

WCC* organizer Michelle, she also hosted the crop!

Some of the newer members were there and getting to know new people is always fun.

Newest members, Morgan (top), Jaime & Bea (L-R) who was with us for the first time!

I actually had a list of projects I was working thru and I got some of my list done!

Shhh... something for my bf for Christmas, don't tell him!

I'm working thru a tutorial to make a snow-globe Card for my sister - she LOVES snow-globes!

OH, and Michelle gave us supplies and taught us to make an ornament. She got a picture of me with mine so I'll go find that and post it too!

Thank you for sharing my crops. What are YOU doing creatively with others or on your own? I'd LOVE to see what you are making.

Pam Hoffman

tinseling the tree!

*West Coast Croppers, a group

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Baking Christmas Cookies for a Cookie Exchange Tomorrow!

One of my oldest memories it baking and eating lots of different types of Christmas Cookies!

I was born Pamela Martin and that original family fell apart so I went to an orphanage, a girls home, then a foster home and then I was adopted.

At the foster home, a wonderful woman we called "Grama Barber" cared for me and my sister and a girl named Rosemary. At Christmastime, Grama Barber would make batches and batches of wonderful and varied Christmas cookies.

Now it occurs to me that I was only there for one Christmas because I went thru all these transitions in the span of only 2 years from age 6 to 8 (mostly apart from my siblings tho my sister and i were adopted together by the Hoffman's when she was 5 and i was 8).

What an impression to be with this kind older woman who baked and baked and baked for us.

When my sister and I were adopted, I must have mentioned this because my mom picked up the tradition and every year thereafter we baked all sorts of great cookies for the holidays.

And even now, I would bake bunches if I had a proper oven. As it is, with a little toaster oven, I'll be making one or two types today and I'll be swapping with my crafting buddies tomorrow at a crop!

I get to make my cookies and eat them too - all kinds of them after tomorrow!

We've been doing this for several years now and it's always a popular crop, The Cookie Exchange Crop.

I'm so grateful to our organizer, Michelle, and I'm so looking forward to it.

I have a lot of prep to do and we're having a potluck dinner with guests this evening too so I'll be off to baking and eating and getting my gear ready for the crop tomorrow.

What are YOUR favorite/oldest memories of the holidays now? Do you carry on the tradition some way still?

I'd enjoy hearing about them. I love this season and I love collecting your best recipes! I'm still a bit up in the air about what I'm baking tonight tho I have some ideas...

Pam Hoffman

Caught in the Act! (of watching TV ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

*Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Handmade Results. I get paid if you follow the link from here to there and make a purchase.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Like Books? Go Here!

Real Quick, there's a very special giveaway on Lily Bean's blog.

You want to visit the Cheerios site too!

Thanks for playing,

Pam Hoffman

OK, that's my goofy boyfriend not me!

I Won!

Remember when I mentioned some ways to win stuff? Well, I won another prize recently and I realized that I have a little bit more to say about it...

*Keep a list of the sites you want to visit for their giveaways so you can just click right on over (they'll enjoy the repeat visitors too!)!

You might even prioritize the sites and visit them by order of giveaways, and other things you decide to look for in a giveaway (like odds of winning!).

*Some sites have a bit of incentive for winning - as in - their 'Terms & Conditions' actually mention that using the site, writing reviews, etc. will increase your chances of winning (i won a book already in one of their giveaways!). So, do what they suggest!

*Pay attention to the odds! I said it before and I still think it's the most important part and the best indicator of winning - the better the 'odds' the better chance you have of winning. If you are the only one entered to win, guess who's gonna get it?!?

*And then, be grateful for your prize and the providers OF the prize(s).

Here's how I'm going to do that in this post. I'm going to tell you what I won, where it came from and how I got a chance to win...

I won a great bracelet. I wasn't entirely thrilled by the photos so when it arrived, WOW! Way cool and I will probably keep it now (i was thinking about using it as a gift).

The package arrived! I'm so excited.

Lots of goodies in there!

Wow, Great Jewelry! Thanks Linda!

Sent from Tartocs Treasures: Linda Tocco.

So Smart, she included her contact info in multiples so I can pass it on!

Business Card...

...& a Book Mark! Bravo!!

I entered for this giveaway on the SillyLittleLady's blog it's a very fun site!

Now you know my secrets so...

Go try for a win!

Pam Hoffman

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Glitter Ornaments

At the Crop in Orange, we learned about a process of creating beautiful ornaments with some very specialized items...

Then our organizer, Laurie, sent some links for some great ornaments using a similar, less expensive way to create ornaments a bit like them.

Here are the ones from the crop:

They Are SO Amazing!

Here are the links to the pages Laurie sent us...

And our results...

I made these and I'm showing off various sides of them...

The first three turned in this video are kind of special. The first one has all microbeads (my friend Diana created that one!) the second has ultrafine pink glitter & Pearl X and the third has the ultrafin pink glitter, a few microbeads and Pearl X powder swirled around inside.

Spotlighting the one with the ultrafine glitter & Pearl X

This one has the microbeads in it too...

I know they aren't as beautiful as the ones in the first picture. I think they are pretty darn nice and very glittery.

Some pictures...

Diana did the one in the lower left, I did the other one

I did all but the microbeads one and the blue one in the corner I think...

Diana made all of these and I think they will be gifts this holiday!

Super easy, fun and darn nice results! Give it a try.

Pam Hoffman

Monday, December 14, 2009

Le Femme Bookmark Swap!

Been a bit busy lately. When I realized that Karen was doing her 'Brag Monday' and noticed that she is also offering a giveaway, I figured I'd better get back in the saddle here!

I was part of a very nice Bookmark swap recently that I used some of the "Graphics Fairy" images so what a perfect chance to share with you what I did!?!

The swap was thru swap-bot [love that site!] called Le Femme Bookmark.

Let's see if I can make sense of the pictures I just loaded up like crazy here...

OK, all sorted out.

I had two partners to send to and I read the profiles of each person carefully. Because of this, the two bookmarks turned out very differently.

The first likes fall type colors so I worked with the Victorian Lady with Fancy Dress from Karen's site.

Assembling the parts

I used the transfer technique I described in my first post to this blog.

I added a tag she could customize to the swap

Here's the whole package!

I had a couple of Karen's images on the next one. One set of images came from a collage of Ladies Shoes and the other from a page of butterfly wings.

The Ladies Shoes incorporate the transfer technique.

Ladies Shoes ready to be cut out from the paper and packing tape

Front of the bookmark, there is foam dot behind the butterfly wings for dimension

Back of the bookmark

The whole package, ready to ship


Pam Hoffman

With my boyfriend Jeff, we're working thru Jessica Sprague's "Holidays in Hand" and this photo was for 'joy' we like being together!