Friday, December 4, 2009

The Crop in Orange

Today, I'm packing for a 12 hour crop on Saturday.

Wide View of the Crop Space!

I've been making lists to help me:
1) determine the projects I'll be working on that day,
2) remember to TAKE everything (i forgot my papercutter once! it sucks.)
3) all the Prep work that goes into the projects - do I need any printouts of anything? papers cut to size? items put together to help with the assembly at the crop? Stuff I need to track down...

And so on...

These events are once a month and this is such a friendly group of people! I can't tell you how much I LOVE going to The Crop in Orange.

We play BINGO, there are other prizes if your name gets called, Make-n-Takes, sometimes other special events, stuff for sell & for free (you may bring your freebies and for sale items to de-stash too!)

If you are anywhere in the Southern California area (or want to travel here!), and you want to join me, I usually nab an extra 'guest' spot so you could join me to test it out!

It's such a great way to get away, socialize with other crafty types and enjoy yummy potluck food!

I LOVE The Crop in Orange, hosted by the beautiful Laurie Rush.

Pam Hoffman

And Here I Am AT The Crop in Orange!

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