Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Glitter Ornaments

At the Crop in Orange, we learned about a process of creating beautiful ornaments with some very specialized items...

Then our organizer, Laurie, sent some links for some great ornaments using a similar, less expensive way to create ornaments a bit like them.

Here are the ones from the crop:

They Are SO Amazing!

Here are the links to the pages Laurie sent us...

And our results...


I made these and I'm showing off various sides of them...


The first three turned in this video are kind of special. The first one has all microbeads (my friend Diana created that one!) the second has ultrafine pink glitter & Pearl X and the third has the ultrafin pink glitter, a few microbeads and Pearl X powder swirled around inside.

Spotlighting the one with the ultrafine glitter & Pearl X

This one has the microbeads in it too...

I know they aren't as beautiful as the ones in the first picture. I think they are pretty darn nice and very glittery.

Some pictures...

Diana did the one in the lower left, I did the other one

I did all but the microbeads one and the blue one in the corner I think...

Diana made all of these and I think they will be gifts this holiday!

Super easy, fun and darn nice results! Give it a try.

Pam Hoffman

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