Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Baking Christmas Cookies for a Cookie Exchange Tomorrow!

One of my oldest memories it baking and eating lots of different types of Christmas Cookies!

I was born Pamela Martin and that original family fell apart so I went to an orphanage, a girls home, then a foster home and then I was adopted.

At the foster home, a wonderful woman we called "Grama Barber" cared for me and my sister and a girl named Rosemary. At Christmastime, Grama Barber would make batches and batches of wonderful and varied Christmas cookies.

Now it occurs to me that I was only there for one Christmas because I went thru all these transitions in the span of only 2 years from age 6 to 8 (mostly apart from my siblings tho my sister and i were adopted together by the Hoffman's when she was 5 and i was 8).

What an impression to be with this kind older woman who baked and baked and baked for us.

When my sister and I were adopted, I must have mentioned this because my mom picked up the tradition and every year thereafter we baked all sorts of great cookies for the holidays.

And even now, I would bake bunches if I had a proper oven. As it is, with a little toaster oven, I'll be making one or two types today and I'll be swapping with my crafting buddies tomorrow at a crop!

I get to make my cookies and eat them too - all kinds of them after tomorrow!

We've been doing this for several years now and it's always a popular crop, The Cookie Exchange Crop.

I'm so grateful to our organizer, Michelle, and I'm so looking forward to it.

I have a lot of prep to do and we're having a potluck dinner with guests this evening too so I'll be off to baking and eating and getting my gear ready for the crop tomorrow.

What are YOUR favorite/oldest memories of the holidays now? Do you carry on the tradition some way still?

I'd enjoy hearing about them. I love this season and I love collecting your best recipes! I'm still a bit up in the air about what I'm baking tonight tho I have some ideas...

Pam Hoffman

Caught in the Act! (of watching TV ;)

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