Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I've decided that one of my FAVORITE things in life is to win prizes!

What could be better? We KNOW the lottery is so fantastically popular because of a chance to WIN! And isn't it nice to feel like a winner?

I know I like this feeling.

That is why I actively seek out contest, giveaways, whatever-you-call-em!

I LOVE to win.

Periodically, I'll let you know about a site with a giveaway for you and you can try for it too.

Never won anything? Start by saying 'I win prizes' and guess what? You'll start winning, then you can move on to say 'I win a lot of great stuff' and you will!

Here's the first one I want to tell you about...

Sill Little Lady's Spot on the Web offers a weekly giveaway in conjunction with an etsy seller.

I recently won a prize from the site and it came to me in the mail so fast!

I win A LOT!

I go to crops and win, I sign up for online giveaways and win... I'm a winner!

You are too.

Go now and try for it.

If you REALLY want to win, spend a little time looking for

1) things you want to win
2) find places where the 'odds' are good - say 1 in 18 or so, not millions to 1!
3) follow the directions explicitly!!! you don't want to get disqualified because you didn't do something right

and you will probably start winning. Keep up the self-talk, it'll happen!

See you on the next giveaway,

Pam Hoffman

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