Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dover Downloads

Do you know that Dover Publications offers free samples?

I've been getting some WONDERFUL images from them for about the last year or so.

It's pretty simple, just visit their 'Free Samples' site and register for the emails by adding your good email address in the box.

That's it!

Then every Friday you'll get an email from Dover Publications and you can click on the link to visit their free samples page and pick what you would like from the selection.

I've seen games, puzzles and mazes, stickers, 'stained glass' and fun stuff on their site. There's samples of stories and wonderful drawings and etchings from all sorts of sources.

The deals are quite good on the books there too.

Why not hop over and get started on your own collection of great Dover Publication samples? What do you like the best from their choices? Have you bought Dover books in the past? What do you look for from them?

I'm excited to learn what you like in their choices.

I've had a lot of ideas how to use them too! From using them in ATCs to putting all the architecture ones together for a sort of mini book for my boyfriend! (he loves architecture!).

What would YOU do with these great images?

Pam Hoffman

[not a picture of me, i just really like this image!]

FTC Disclaimer:
*I have no affiliation with and have received no compensation for this recommendation.

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