Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We're a LITTLE Nuts About...

When it comes to decorating for the Holidays, my boyfriend and I go a LITTLE nuts around here...

Let me explain.

I have read that the average Christmas tree in your home is decorated with 75 ornaments.


We have something like 2x or MORE than that JUST ON THE TREE!

And then we start decorating other stuff.

...we decorate the lampshades... and the speakers... and the slats on the cupboard doors, and the hinges on all the doors in the public areas and the light in the hall has one hanging from it... and there's a big snowflake hanging off the blinds over the one window... almost forgot, there are ornaments covering the top of the big blinds over the french doors and we put garland and an ornament over the big framed art behind the couch... OH, and I found a NEW place for an ornament this year! - I wedged the hanger thingy between two books on the bookshelf bolted to the wall and dangled the ornament past the bottom of the shelf...

Hhmm.. did I forget anything? Probably...

OH, I know...and some of the 'usual' places (like on top of the TV, found a picture).

Like I said, it's a little nuts around here with Holiday decorations!

We have collected so many things over the years and I love to GIVE ornaments too.

Why am I telling you this? Well Gen over at 'Quadville' wanted to know (and there is a GIVEAWAY involved) which inspired me to type this all up... I KNEW I'd figure out what to do with all those pictures I snapped this year! ;)

Are you a conservative decorator, do you go a little (or a lot) nuts like we do or are you the person who puts up the 'Ditto' sign & points to the neighbor with the crazy decorations? You can tell me... LOL

Pam Hoffman


  1. Hahaha, I loved your post- I don't even bother to hand the ditto sign-- I must say we had decorations but only to appease the sighing of my other half. When I manage to finish it- I hope to have a beaded wall hanging of the manger scene (it is a print that looks like stained glass on the edges in a lily design)The colors are so vibrant- it will be all I need!

  2. Hi Ralonda!

    Thanks for sharing, the beaded wall hanging sounds AMAZING!

    A little Holiday spirit is a good thing! Enjoy all the moments you have.


    Pam Hoffman