Monday, December 14, 2009

Le Femme Bookmark Swap!

Been a bit busy lately. When I realized that Karen was doing her 'Brag Monday' and noticed that she is also offering a giveaway, I figured I'd better get back in the saddle here!

I was part of a very nice Bookmark swap recently that I used some of the "Graphics Fairy" images so what a perfect chance to share with you what I did!?!

The swap was thru swap-bot [love that site!] called Le Femme Bookmark.

Let's see if I can make sense of the pictures I just loaded up like crazy here...

OK, all sorted out.

I had two partners to send to and I read the profiles of each person carefully. Because of this, the two bookmarks turned out very differently.

The first likes fall type colors so I worked with the Victorian Lady with Fancy Dress from Karen's site.

Assembling the parts

I used the transfer technique I described in my first post to this blog.

I added a tag she could customize to the swap

Here's the whole package!

I had a couple of Karen's images on the next one. One set of images came from a collage of Ladies Shoes and the other from a page of butterfly wings.

The Ladies Shoes incorporate the transfer technique.

Ladies Shoes ready to be cut out from the paper and packing tape

Front of the bookmark, there is foam dot behind the butterfly wings for dimension

Back of the bookmark

The whole package, ready to ship


Pam Hoffman

With my boyfriend Jeff, we're working thru Jessica Sprague's "Holidays in Hand" and this photo was for 'joy' we like being together!


  1. Hi Pam,
    These are lovely!! I've been wanting to try that packing tape transfer technique for awhile, it looks easy and fun. I really like how you decorated the back on the second one, it's as pretty as the front! I'm sure your swap mates will be so pleased to get these. Thanks so much for linking this up to "Brag Monday".

  2. I do get good feedback from my swap partners!

    Thanks for visiting Karen,

    Pam Hoffman

  3. I love all the shoes you put on the second one, very cute!

  4. The shoes are available to everyone, courtesy of Karen a.k.a. The Graphics Fairy!


    Pam Hoffman