Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Next 4 ATCs

After I started my first ATC, I actually started (and finished!) 4 others for a different swap so I wanted to showcase them too.

I'm really very green with all this although I really like the small format (ATCs are standard 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches).

This was another swap on, the theme: "Personalized ATC" sent to one partner, so I was tasked with checking my partner's profile and creating an ATC based on what I learned there!

I know I said that I did 4 ATCs for a swap of 1 ATC... well, my partner has three children and she went into great detail about them and what they like too so, I created one for my partner and one each for her children as well.

You see, on swap-bot, you can get 'hearts' for sending an especially nice package to your partner. Since my partner was very involved with her children, I figured I would do one each for them all!

I really used mostly already created things [i did cut some paper & chipboard! ;] - bling, transfers, diecuts, etc. I assembled them in a pleasing fashion and kept true to the preferences I read about on my partners profile.

Here they are:

This is the one I made for my partner

These are the ones I made for my partners children!

They are kind of 'monogrammed' with a letter for their first names each...

I decided that I'd go with a little less work on each because there were 4 and I was a little shorter on time. Each swap is given a time limit by the swap creator.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my first 5 ATCs! I'm just getting my feet wet and I did a whole bunch of research to learn about this format so perhaps I'll go into some of the other techniques I learned about. These 5 are essentially one-offs.

You can do a series, create a large work then pull out particular detailed portions of that work, I may have missed one or two methods... I'm sure I'll be doing more so Stay Tuned!

Pam Hoffman


  1. Yay! A craft blog! Now I can keep up with your work. Want to do an ATC trade with me?

  2. Oooh, I'd LOVE to do an ATC trade!

    How would it work?

    Thanks for visiting,

    Pam Hoffman