Monday, December 28, 2009

Handmade Gift Giving

I rather LOVE giving handmade items to family and friends. They don't always love them back so I need to figure out who likes what and what to avoid for some of them.

I'm making something for my boyfriend, (who ALWAYS loves the stuff i make!) he already knows about it and said he'd help me finish it! Isn't he 'da bomb'?

Here are a couple of photos of my progress to date...

I've seen some really great, creative, handmade things online lately too! I really should capture them project!

Here is the inspiration for my gift (and hopefully mine will look somewhat similar ;).

[if i figure out where it came from, i'll give the appropriate credit!]

What do you like to create for gifts? Who do you like giving them to? Are they well-received?

Pam Hoffman

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